With nearly 15 years in the IT industry, I have worn many hats: IT Generalist, Information Systems Coordinator (fancy schmancy name for Database Guru/IS Project Manager), AppleCare Advisor, Systems Analyst/Developer, Project Coordinator, Support Center Specialist, and Help Desk Specialist (to name a few).

Here are just a few of my favorite and most celebrated professional strengths:

  • Knowledge Management: I custom tailor procedural documentation solutions for audiences of varying levels of technical prowess. It’s one thing to say “I write technical instructions.” It’s an entirely different ball of wax to know how to make digestible, informative materials that are accessible and relevant. With over a decade of professional excellence in knowledge management, I am an invaluable resource to any technical team.
  • Data Management: (MySQL, MS Access, MS Excel) 3 years of professional experience designing, developing, and administering mid-sized data management solutions.
  • People Management: Skilled in the art of acquisition and retention of persons with relevant skills and knowledge to fulfill technical support positions. History of developing career development paths, supplemental training materials, and live presentations for classroom and web-based learning. Demonstrated experience coaching and supporting staff to develop themselves personally and professionally in the interest of improving team cohesion and continuous improvement.
  • Customer Service: I am a “can do” type of person that is willing to go the extra mile to gain agreement upon and achieve the desired end result.