Dearest Zo: Month Seventeen

Dear Sweet Bug, You have entered this amazing stage of your life in which you have simutaneously made me the happiest Momma ever and the most broken human I’ve ever been. You have this manipulative way of dominating the world around you through sheer cuteness. There is no other human more important than my Bug <3. I love you so much. Could you possibly slow down on the “growing” bit though? The simple act of lifting you up to wash

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Dearest Zo:  Month Four

  Looking back over the months that have passed, I’m curious how I ever lived life without you.  You are the single most fascinating creature I have ever had the priviledge to hold.  Trite, I know, every Mom says that about thier babe.  But every day I see you grow more and more in love with your father and I and I wonder how I ever felt happiness without your presence. Somehow, I made the most perfect human. I am

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