Part One: Our Precipitous Birth

Whilst pregnant, I did what a lot of my medical care team and mom friends suggested.  I read the books.  I asked the questions.  I created birth plans and meticulously packed hospital bags that addressed EVERY.Possible.Outcome. The only thing I didn’t plan for is what actually happened. Baby Zo was due on April 20th, 2017.  Per our dating ultrasound, we managed to conceive on July 25th, 2016 (which is also a wild miracle on a whole ‘nuther note that we

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Baby Groot-a-gram: 36 weeks!

As I embark upon these final weeks of pregnancy, I realize that I have yet to actually send out anything baby related outside of the ridiculous confines of social media.  Unfortunately, good intentions don’t make update e-mails materialize out of thin air.  I’d like to think that I’ll get better at punching words into a computer with more intent than mildly justifying my paycheck, however, I’m pretty sure Baby Groot will have something to say about that relatively soon.  

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