The House Baby Groot Will Grow Up With: Part One

As an apartment dweller, the reality is that Baby Groot will likely have a few homes before we settle on the house she truly “grows up in.”  Whilst out thrifting yesterday, I came across a sturdy, functional dollhouse that didn’t particularly warm my heart.  After 24 hours of thinking “why didn’t I drop $15 on this perfect toy?” I figured I should probably just go back and buy it today.


What I didn’t expect was the perfect dollhouse to be there when I revisited Thrift Land on westbound Stassney.


We rolled up to the shop at 10 a.m. after dropping Daddy off at work.  I pulled a wee bit of cash out of the ATM and ventured over to the thrift shop.  Upon arrival, I realized that my dream of close parking was not going to happen, it was PACKED!  I carried Groot in to find that all the shopping carts were in use and the store was absolutely hopping with patrons.  I managed to locate a cart courtesy of the sweet staff and shot straight back to the children’s area to find Baby Groot’s perfect house chillin next to the “meh” house I saw yesterday.






I asked an employee to help me source some assistance to get the booty up front for payment.  4 other moms came by to check it out whilst I waited with my resting mom face in full effect.  No one was going to sweep this steal out from under me!


A kind man loaded my bounty up on a dolly and brought it up front for me to pay the meager pittance for what will eventually be an epic home for Zo to grow up with.  He brought it out front, I loaded it up in the car.  I cried a quick tear of happiness as my brain started spinning with all of the ideas I would apply to this blank canvas.


I never realized how meaningful something as simple as making an artfully curated dollhouse would be.  This is not what I pictured being when I thought “wow, I’m a mom!”  I always thought I would raise a child that played in the dirt and played catch in the park.  I never thought I would be excited to renovate a dollhouse.  It all seems so trite to me.  Girls, dolls, all of it.  I didn’t want my daughter to grow up thinking there was a right and a wrong way to play as predetermined by gender.  It took a little coaxing to convince myself that all I’m offering is a platform, what she wants to do with it is her call.  Oh, motherhood… and the ever present source of unnecessary guilt :-).


Next Steps:  I’m currently brainstorming ideas for how I would like to approach this project.  So far, my ideas:

  • Black chalkboard paint for the roof for ease of leaving little messages <3
  • Bright teal exterior with bright purple trim
  • Some kind of medium dark stained wood door with small crystal knob I found wandering around NW Austin
  • Groot’s Grams specializes in hand dyed fabrics and hand spun artsy fartsy yards.  I am considering wallpapering the interior walls with her Grandma’s fabrics and weaving “carpets” for the rooms out of her yarn.
  • I want to do some kind of mosaic flooring in the kitchen and the front steps (need to build).
  • I want to figure out how to make a fully functional (attached) photo frame whose picture can  be changed out easily.  I thought a little family photo in the house would be super cool <3


Tomorrow I’ll start washing up and sanding!  YAAAY!


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